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Company Overview

Triple-G Construction, Inc. has been instrumental in leading the industry standards for concrete construction over the past 21 years for major transportation projects for clients such as the FHWA, United States Military, the State of Colorado, county governments, local municipalities, private property owners and commercial businesses. Execution of working contracts have included construction for establishment of concrete structures, building foundations, airport runways and tarmacs, with great experience in major highway construction for roadway sections and barrier wall of various design for Interstate Highway Systems being our specialized service.

Mission Statement

The primary goal of Triple-G Construction, Inc. is to partner with all clients and representative of given prime contractors or owners; in order to exceed the expectations of all dedicated contract obligations and allowing us to fulfill contract demands and scope of work to the best of our ability without negative impact for a quality finished product.

We believe in the expectations of our client's needs and fulfillment of quality control as well as quality assurance in order to satisfactorily complete project delivery in a timely manner.

Standards & In-House Inspections

Our working operations are normally governed by specifications for Federal and State Construction Projects unless superseded by site specific or special provisions for a given contract. We take pride in assuring that during our working operations all employees are focused on the construction project at hand. Due to our work for various clients and project demands we accommodate our customers with field modifications and warranted changes to meet their satisfaction and industry standards.